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Contaminants in Roadside Soils: Home

Resources discussing trace metals and other road and traffic related contaminants found in soils along roads and highways.


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Purpose of this guide

This LibGuide was created to compile resources discussing roadside contaminants and pollutants including trace metals such as lead, and polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).  Because this review focused on soils, little attention was given to stormwater runoff, except in cases where road runoff was also seen as affecting the roadside soil. Because Oregon does not use traditional salt solutions for winter road maintenance, most of the studies dealing with salt contamination were excluded, although some that looked at the effect of snowmelt and certain deicers were added.

When electronic descriptions were available, titles link to either full text, or to the abstract in an electronic database.  Most of these databases require subscriptions to access content; articles and papers can be requested through interlibrary loans.   The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) journals and conference proceedings, as well as content from TRB journals (NCHRP reports, TRR journals, annual conferences, etc.) are available either from ODOT machines or from the ODOT Library.

The LibGuide platform is provided through the FHWA Pooled Fund Study TPF 5(237), Library Connectivity and Development.  It is part of a collaborative effort among transportation librarians to provide a broader range of information and resources to our customers.

Soil Contamination

Roadside soil absorbs contaminants from various sources, including road construction, traffic, and structural materials.

Compiler of this guide

Laura Wilt

ODOT Library

555 13th St NE, Salem OR 97301


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