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Wildlife Crossing Structures Manuals and Designs --- A product of the Western Transportation Knowledge Network (WTKN)


This LibGuide was created in response to a request from an Oregon Department of Transportation employee for information and resources used by other states for the design of wildlife mitigation structures, with a special emphasis on the states of Arizona, Florida and Montana.  It has since grown through the contribution of many transportation librarians, researchers and others throughout the US and Canada.  Support for the LibGuide platform comes through the Transportation Library Connectivity and Development Pooled Fund Study, TPF-5(237).  This is part of an ongoing project of the Western Transportation Knowledge Network to provide a series of resource guides covering topics of interest to the transportation community, particularly in the Western US states.

Wildlife Crossings and Structures

Wildlife Overpass

Roads and highways encroach on wildlife habitats, increasing the risk of vehicle/wildlife interactions and posing a danger, not only to the wildlife, but often to drivers as well.  Transportation agencies continue to address this problem, working to provide safe passage for animals - from turtles to grizzley bear - and provide protection for the travelling public.  This guide identifies many of the studies and guidelines currently in use.

Other Guides, Manuals & Toolboxes

Target States: Arizona, Florida, Montana

Guide Author

Laura Wilt

Librarian, Oregon Department of Transportation


About WTKN

This guide is a product of the the Western Transportation Knowledge Network (WTKN), a diverse group of transportation organizations from AASHTO Region 4 focused on improving the access to transportation information, data and research to help the entire community. Membership includes libraries representing state Departments of Transportation (DOTs), academic institutions, transit agencies, metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) and private industry.  Learn more about us.


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The Transportation Library Connectivity & Development Pooled Fund Study is a consortium of libraries in the DOTs and UTCs working cooperatively to enhance library services among its membership. We serve our members and the entire transportation information community with products and services we design and select for tangible, lasting benefits for librarians and researchers.