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Extreme Event Preparedness & Response for Operations (EEPRO) LibGuide: Response

This guide is published by the Eastern Transportation Knowledge Network as a resource for transportation practitioners in Emergency Response Management.


ERG 2012

USDOT Emergency Response Guidebook 2012 for Android and iPhone delivers HazMat Safety Info into the hands of emergency responders. The free mobile web app from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration features an electronic word search and evacuation tables for toxic gas spills in a format easily read during nighttime emergencies.  



The Department of Energy launched a free mobile app called Lantern Live that helps consumers find and share critical information about nearby gas stations and power outages during energy emergencies.  The app is currently available for Android devices through Google Play and will be available for iPhone in the near future.   



SF72 is the online app developed by which displays emergency and disaster-affected areas of San Francisco. The open source platform used by the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management displays a map that provides real-time emergency information, and online resources and updates for emergency preparedness.