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MoDOT Transportation Library: Standards/Specifications

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) Transportation Library partners with the University of Missouri-Columbia and the Missouri State Library to provide transportation-related collection resources and research services for MoDOT staff.

Locating a Copy to Borrow

Check MoDOT, Arthur and MOBIUS library catalogs for circulating copies of individual standards or specifications (not just the publishers listed below).

The MoDOT Librarian can also obtain copies for MoDOT staff through interlibrary loan.

AASHTO specifications (MoDOT Staff ONLY)


AASHTO Standard Specifications for Transportation Materials and Methods of Sampling and Testing

2014-2016 editions available online - see link in Sharepoint
2014 edition also available in print [Central Lab]
2013 & 2012 CD-ROM editions available [Central Lab terminal]. Some recent editions in print are also available in the Central Lab.
For older print editions, check the MoDOT Library Catalog for holdings information.
FOR MODOT STAFF: If you are not in Central Lab and need a copy of an AASHTO standard or spec, please contact the MoDOT Librarian or the Physical Lab.

ACI specifications


ACI's Manual of Concrete Practice

Current edition (full-text access) [Central Lab Building staff only; all other MoDOT staff, please contact MoDOT Librarian]
2013 print edition is available in the Field Evaluation Office (Central Lab)
1997 print edition is held by MoDOT Library
FOR MODOT STAFF: If you are not in the Central Lab and need an ACI standard or spec, please contact the MoDOT Librarian.

ASTM standards (MoDOT Staff ONLY)

Current full-text access to selected ASTM standards
Direct access available to staff in MoDOT office buildings or navigate to link in Sharepoint (CM Division page > ASTM Specifications on left navigation pane)
See quick reference guide for how to search ASTM Compass.

Older edition (2011): Available on Central Lab terminal
Other print editions available in Central Lab and in District offices.

FOR MODOT STAFF: If you need an ASTM standard that is not available through our subscription, please contact the MoDOT Librarian.

State specifications

FHWA no longer provides a search function for state highway specifications.

State Roadway Design Manuals

State Standard Drawings


Missouri Standard Specification for Highway Construction (2011)

Contains material, equipment and construction requirements for items specified in the construction of Missouri's transportation infrastructure.

Missouri Standard Specifications for Highway Construction (2011 and older copies -- print format)

See library catalog record for holdings of prior editions.

MoDOT Spec Book Holdings (MoDOT staff only)

Internal holdings (State Archives, MoDOT Library, CM Field Office, Design Division)