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MoDOT Transportation Library: MoDOT Library

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) Transportation Library partners with the University of Missouri-Columbia and the Missouri State Library to provide transportation-related collection resources and research services for MoDOT staff.

For MoDOT Staff

About the Library

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The Missouri State Library Reference Services Division hosts the MoDOT Library collection as part of a joint agreement between the MoDOT and the State Library. The collection contains over 11,500 print, media and digital items.

The MoDOT Librarian maintains an office at the MoDOT Central Lab (as a member of the Research Section staff) and at the Missouri State Library.

Construction Lab

MoDOT Research Report Announcements


Connect With Us!

The Transportation Library Connectivity & Development Pooled Fund Study, which ended in 2015, was a consortium of libraries in the DOTs and UTCs working cooperatively to enhance library services among its membership. Visit our Library Connectivity website. Browse our toolkit publications for library ROI and for new transportation librarians.

The Midwest Transportation Knowledge Network (MTKN) is part of a local, regional and national movement to coordinate, manage and distribute transportation information. Missouri DOT is a member of this organization. View our brochure or "What is a TKN?" video.

Research Services

Customized literature searches and interlibrary loan (requests for loans or articles from other libraries) are available upon request to MoDOT staff. See literature search archive (MODOT STAFF ONLY).

Support and training on how to search transportation databases is also available. For more information please contact the MoDOT Librarian.

Digital Collections

MoDOT Research Reports

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The Innovation Library contains published research reports, studies and newsletters since 1997. You can browse for publications by year or use the full-text search box to find content.

See also indexes for MoDOT Reports by Series and MoDOT Research Newsletters by Series.

MoDOT Administrative Reports

Financial, administrative and general publications published by MoDOT and the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission (MHTC) are available online in the Missouri State Publications Digital Library hosted at The Internet Archive. All MoDOT and MHTC reports are tagged with the keyword "MODOT." See also Publications page on MoDOT website.

MoDOT Reports by Other Divisions

Historic Preservation Section has published Archaeological Investigations/Site Reports and Historic Bridge Mitigation Reports.

MoDOT Transportation Librarian

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Renee McHenry
MoDOT Transportation Library
600 W. Main St./PO Box 387
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0387
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